Pilot Project a Success!

The pilot trained 5 students from Worcester to produce short films / documentaries and produce and/or direct music videos. The training took place at Worcester Roots Project’s office, DB Studios, and Worcester’s Youth Center. This included time for field research, hands on camera training, time to film projects, and post-production time.

Completion of the course included completion of a 4 6-minute short films produced by each youth on a topic that affects youths living in the City of Worcester.

Youth participants are people of color, low-income, and those who otherwise would not have access to this kind of training, with a potential focus, in the future, on out of school youth. Graduating youth have been connected to potential internship and job opportunities with groups such as the Worcester Energy Barnraisers, Worcester Anti-Foreclosure Team, as well as options for local film festivals, and events for showcasing their work.



•    Pre-employment training
•    History of film and continuity editing workshop
•    Story telling
•    Camera and interview techniques
• Audio
• Lighting
•    Roles for a shoot
•    Studio recording
•    Music production
• Post-production
•    Non-linear editing
-Final Cut Pro
-Adobe Premier
•    Voice-overs / narration
•    Video for web
•    Distribution and marketing
•    Submitting projects to film festivals
•    Certifications and awards
• Evaluation